Be still, and the earth will speak to you

Navajo Proverb

Be Still

With so much happening in the world, there is an art in the ability to be still.


Pursuing an active and outdoor lifestyle, it’s sometimes hard to conceive having the time to actually be still, to stop and listen, but that’s what it’s all about. Whether you’re chasing weather windows searching for the Northern Lights, or just trying to get through the day, don’t be afraid to stop.

Take a moment.

Think about you; the dreams hiding just beyond today could be much more than dreams if you give them a chance.

In the greater scheme of things, we believe this Navajo proverb offers crucial insight to finding harmony in life.

Be still, and the earth will speak to you

Having been to Japan, the English countryside, and now Iceland, our hearts are pulled toward these locations for their ability to force that seemingly impossible stillness.


These, of course, are just our experiences though, and if you don’t have access to an onsen, or you don’t have a local hotspring, don’t be afraid to go find your own sacred space. Take time this weekend, explore your home or hometown and sit a while. Clear your mind, breathe deep, and listen to the Earth. Give it time, and her message is beautiful. We promise.

Japan, Iceland, Grayson Highlands, these are just a few of the places that we’ve taken time to be still and listen, but we want to know where your favorite places to escape are! Give us a shout on Twitter so we can see your sacred space!