How-To: Dealing With Delays

We love traveling, but delays are the worst! Whether it’s traffic on road trips or cancelled flights, keeping your mind occupied is the key to maintaining your sanity.

Our latest trip to San Diego was plagued with delays and cancellations, so we’re offering you this quick survival guide, and four ways you can beat boredom, and stay sane as the hours drag on at the airport.

1. Knock out some work. Yeah, it’s boring, but you don’t want to exhaust your other resources too early… This could last a while. Besides, it’s either do it now or do it later; do you really want it waiting for you once you finally make your flight?

2. Edit your photos. We all want to be Instagram pros, but to do it right you’ve got to put in the time. As the sun sets on your original departure time, go ahead and look at what you’ve got; your followers will thank you!

3. Grab your snacks! If you’re facing a major delay, load up, because as soon as those shops close, you are S.O.L. **I suggest Gardettos original, though Paige would probs point you to the Muddy Buddies

4. Finally, if push comes to shove, or if you’ve got the wonky jet lag in your near future, for the love of God just take a nap. We all know what it’s like to force yourself to stay awake only to deal with all those “first-time” flyers, so save yourself the trouble and just embrace the down-time.


These are just our four go-to solutions for dealing with airport delays, and we know you’ve got your own! So give us a shout on Twitter and let us know how you survive hours at the airport!