Success is those times in life when you’re happy to be you.

John Ridley

What is Success

How do you define success?

Is it money made? The clothes in your closet? How many Instagram followers you have?

According to John Ridley, Academy Award winning screenwriter of 12 Years A Slave, none of those things really matter. Instead, Ridley says,

“Success is those times in life when you’re happy to be you.”

Our focus in 2017, and for the future, is on expanding our community, pursuing the stories and adventures that thrill us from the beginning, and we’re encouraging you to redefine success with us. Whether your adventure takes you down the street or around the world, embrace the moments that make you happiest and celebrate them! Of course, that may sound oversimplified, but in reality a lack of simplicity is probably the only thing holding you back.


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